Freeze-drying for the food, nutraceutical and instant coffee industries

SD Freeze Drying A/S is an integrated part of the SiccaDania Group providing customers with the latest freeze-drying technology.
Our vision is to become the preferred freeze-drying equipment provider within the nutraceutical sector. By putting technology and engineering excellence as top priority, SD Freeze Drying is confident that the customers’ trust will be secured through on-time and on-budget delivery of equipment meeting the required quality specifications.

SD Freeze Drying is partly owned by its management, ensuring swift decision making, strong commitment and dedication to the business. Our primary focus is our customer. SD Freeze Drying’s empowered team guarantees efficiency and rapid response. We also take great pride in having a modest mind-set and a simple organisation structure. Delivering state-of-the-art equipment, securing value and technological advantages to our customers is a top priority for SD Freeze Drying.

Our core technologies lie within freeze dryers and loading/unloading robot systems. The company is capable of supplying equipment for liquid processing, powder handling, bagging-off systems, automation and other industry related systems. Complete process lines are delivered as SD Freeze Drying possesses the required expertise to manage single projects as well as integrate larger turnkey projects.

The SD Freeze Drying team consists of highly skilled personnel, each of them with many  years of experience within their field.

Quality throughout the entire value chain

Our equipment is designed and manufactured in-house, conjointly with SiccaDania group. This allows SD Freeze Drying to guarantee, control and secure high-quality solutions for all our customers. Furthermore, our subcontractors are well-known, experienced players in the food & nutraceutical industries. Besides being carefully selected, our outsourcing complies with all the requirements for quality management systems. All third-party products are thoroughly screened in relation to durability, quality and price.

  • All materials used are FDA approved.
  • All our freeze dryers undergo an exhaustive inspection during assembly and are tested in our assembly halls prior shipping.

Guaranteed Service

SD Freeze Drying will provide service for the installation, commissioning, qualification & validation of all equipment. In addition, maintenance, repairs and purchase of spare parts are also granted, allowing us to maintain a long-term relationship with our customers and continuously develop our solutions. Any part required for or by SD Freeze Drying products are items available in stock, this way we can guarantee on time delivery for our end users, and increased overall efficiency. The quality of SD Freeze Drying’s equipment combined with our extensive expertise in food & nutraceutical processing represent the optimal solution for any customer.