Mr. Büchert & Mr. Arnold join SDFD

We are excited to enter 2019 with new employees & exciting growth prospects. Since becoming part of SiccaDania Group in November, our team was joined by four new members. In the new year, we hope to secure new projects, therefore we are thrilled to start our sales department with Mr. Bjarne Have Büchert on board. Mr. Büchert has worked many years in SPX Flow, giving him a great deal of sales knowledge related to process technology. In his last position as the General Manager of Admix Europe, Bjarne has extended his expertise into the food, chemical and cosmetics industry. His experience and skills make him a valuable asset for SD FreezeDrying.

We are also thrilled to expand our engineering team with Mr. Timothy Harold Arnold becoming the third SD FreezeDrying Project Engineer. Mr. Arnold has a mechanical engineering background with specialties in 3D CAD modelling, plant engineering, product development, FEA, motorsport, aviation maintenance & engineering projects. He was originally part of Coboti, possessing knowledge of our initial technology and presenting a great addition to our team.

SD FreezeDrying welcomes Mr.Büchert and Mr. Arnold to our team and is looking forward to working together. Happy New Year!

Mr. Bjarne Have Büchert

Mr. Timothy Harold Arnold