FD500 continuous freeze drying system

Increasing capacity

The FD500 Continuous freeze drying system represents the next generation of freeze dryer factories. The modularized, optimized and perfected FD500 standard module is prepared for the automatic loading and un-loading of trays. The modules can be combined in a desired and suitable layout to reach the needed output capacity.

Cost savings and production optimization

  • Reduced utility system investments
  • Reduced installation costs, documentation and commissioning due to comprehensive standardization of modules
  • Optimized footprint
  • Reduced manual operations
  • Maintenance of the individual dryers during production
  • Standardized control system handling and documentation of all batches better

Scaling the production

  • No scalability risk due to modularization
  • Flexibility and simple capacity expansion – expansions are made fast and inexpensive by adding standard FD500 module(s). Each module will arrive at the customer’s site in a 20’ container for plug-and-play installation
  • The loading and un-loading robot as well as the control system are pre-designed for expansions


  • Product integrity is secured via Clean-Factory-System
  • Loading and un-loading can be easily positioned in separate cleanrooms if product, process and production setup requires a separation
  • All equipment, instruments, design and solutions are of the highest sanitary design
  • No silicone oil or water for heating
  • No manual intervention
  • No cross-contamination


The FD500 Continuous freeze drying system is designed for drying of nutraceuticals and dietary supplements e.g. probiotic bacteria, colostrum, enzymes and allergen extracts.

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