Instant Coffee

Instant coffee

By using the freeze-drying method for instant coffee most of the coffee flavour can be preserved. It’s a high value product and the flavour difference makes it worth it.

Below is a simplified overview of a generic instant coffee factory.
SD Freeze Drying’s core technology is the freeze dryer and loading/unloading robot systems; however, our knowledge covers the entire process both up- and down-stream.

Generic process plant for freeze drying instant coffee

Factory for Freeze Drying Coffee

FD30 for Instant Coffee
FD500 for Instant Coffee

Added value with an SD Freeze Drying solution:

  • Standard skid
  • Modularized (20’ container setup)
  • Reduced transportation, installation, documentation and commissioning costs
  • Optimised modules
  • Robust process due to multi-chambers
  • Increased up time (maintenance)
  • Reduced manual operations
  • 100% scalable production → flexibility, ease and incremental capacity expansion
  • Automation prepared for expansion
  • Large span of use: instant coffee, ready-to-serve food, ingredients and nutraceuticals
  • Robot loading/unloading
  • Automated CIP
  • 100% sanitary design (according to EHEDG, incl. valves, instruments etc.)
  • No movable parts