FD500 full scale freeze dryer

The FD500 represents the next generation of freeze dryer solutions for the process industry – a modularizing freeze dryer. It offers high capacity, optimized energy-efficiency and is virtually maintenance-free. The entire design has been performed with special attention to up-scaling parameters such as flow, pressure and temperature to enable an easy up-scaling from the FD10 pilot to the FD500 full scale. The FD500 offers the highest hygienic standard in the industry and its flexibility enables it to be used in many setups and applications.

FD500 is a hygienic bulk freeze dryer with an external condenser which can be isolated from the drying chamber. Heating for sublimation is supplied by stainless steel PTFE-coated electrical heating elements. The heating elements secure a uniform temperature gradient and pressure across the entire tray surface area. They offer the highest level of hygienic design and eliminate the risk of silicone oil and heating water leakages withi